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Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday March 16th, 2015

Alrighty so this week was the last week of the we had to work a ton....or walk a ton. We are super spread out in our we walk a yeah we're going to try and fix that this week. so first thing... I cant send pictures and I don't have a camera....but dont worry I'll get it back tomorrow. I was at another baptism saturday night, an older lady who the sisters had been working with a ton and who I had talked a ton with every time I got a chance. We took pictures and I handed a member my camera because I was taking pictures with the sisters camera and then the baptism started and then, we left right after the baptism and yeah I forget to get it back. But if you could send the pictures of the baptism that you receive I would be so grateful. 

Alrighty so today is one of those days when the computer and the internet at the lan house dont work so we'll see if i can manage to send a letter to you today.....

So yes we completeed a family yesterday. We baptized a mom and two of her daughters. The father is already a member who was inactive and the other daughter is 7. They are a super special family and the Lord truely guided us to find them. They live a little far away from us and a good distance from the church. if you want to look on google maps they live in iriri closer to a city call Ipuima. the church is in Guarapari... But the baptism was super special. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have helped them become united. Now we have to help them get to the temple. 

Anyways this week was super fun and a tons of hard work. The district meeting was good. We learned about the questions of the soul and how the book of mormon responds these questions. We also learned about atributes of Christ and how we can develop them. I'm really focusing on reading the book of mormon. I havent started the 40 day challenge yest because I'm trying to finish the book of mormon still. I'm almost done with ether. I've been trying to finish it for a while now, so hopefully today i can finish it. 

I'm really trying again to become more like christ, to see in myself him. To become as close to him as I can. It's not easy and you have to have a ton of patience. But I'm working on it and on being more humble. But the book of mormon helps a ton. We can really learn the atributes of Christ reading and really pondering the character of the prophets and the other characters in the book of Mormon.  I'm super grateful to be in this area one more transfer and I'm starting to think that maybe, just maybe....this might be my last area........or not who knows. I have two more transfers. technically 3 because it starts today. but time is flying by and the end is getting closer. I'm studying the christ-like attributes so that I can be a man like Christ. So that I can be a good husband and father, so that I can become the man that the Lord wants me to be. Like we have to prepare beforehand to be missionaries, we must prepare before hand for the next step. The things we learn here on the mission will take us through the rest of our lives. Habits are created and attitudes formed here on the mission. The important thing is to not lose focus. To remember that there is life after the mission and that this time here is only a little time of our life but is super important. there is so much symbolism in the mission and how it relates to the Plan of Salvation. Study conference, Study the scriptures, study the words of the Living Prophets and follow the counsel of local leaders. Study your patriarichal blessing, this week I studied mine. What the Lord asks me to do, what He says I should be, and the cautions He gave me. made things a little bit more clearer. I love you all and miss you all tons. Lose yourself in the work and you'll find yourself. 

Elder Simonsen

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