Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday March 23rd, 2015

Alrighty so I'll respond your email quickly and personally and then use the rest of the time on them. I used the other half hour writing president so i really don't have much time today. So The first thing on my mind is something you have already mentioned. Staying on the mission for more time. 

I'm not really leaving early, because of the transfers and the way they work I will serve the 17 transfers and be finished in july. It changed a little because we dont stay 9 weeks anymore in the mtc. So I've been thinking about it and it hit me really hard this morning because literally in this transfer or the beginning of the next i will have to register for classes and make some big decisions. So, one of my friends from my group is trying to extend his mission. Here are the details that I have gathered from him and a couple of other missionaries. The transfer that we all would go home is on the 14th of july. The next transfer isnt until the 25th of August. so I would get home on the 26th and school starts, the first day being the 31st.....the next monday. I would be home for maybe 2,3,4 days and then I would have to run to school and do everything there. if I choose to exit the Air Force, it has to be done on person before the first day of school the 31st of august. If I don't by that day and i try to leave they will charge me for my first year of school. If I leave before that day I leave free of any debt. But I have to appear in person (i believe) and you and dad cannot do anything for me. Not even call, they left it really clear that we are solely responsible for what we do and not our parents we are soldiers and have to respond for ourselves and not have our parents doing things for us......almost the exact words they there is that decision and then the decision of everything else, where I will live, how I will pay, what classes I will take, getting my stuff down there. I will miss dad's birthday and my birthday and i would be home for very little time. So these are the risks if I stay. IF i can even get permission to stay. because my visa only goes to the 14th of august.......right in the middle of the transfer........But I don't know yet and I won't know until april when we have interviews with we'll see. But I'llhave to figure all of that out and completely forget it to work for the Lord while I'm we'll see. I'll do the Will of the Lord and whatever he says will be perfect. I know. So let's just wait and see for now I cant really do anything.

But It's all good and all is well. My companion is amaizing, he's from são paulo and his name is Elder Kauan. I love him a ton but he's had a super rough mission. Lots of tough companions, so we are going to have to have a lot of fun while we work. as for the pictures. I cant do anything. I would send more but I literally cant. the pictures don't even open on the computer anymore. I feel lucky that I can still see them on the camera. So I'll see if i can get a chord.

Also did you send me a package?  if you can respond that question quickly so that I can plan. but I'm glad that you had a good week. I love you ton and all is well.
love elder Simonsen

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