Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday March 9th, 2015 (Take 2)

Haha just teasing

SO yesterday we had lunch with a family that lives here in Guarapari. His dad is american and served a mission here in brazil and married a brazilian, studied at byu and then somewhere in NewYork and them Moved to São Paulo and a couple of other places here in Brazil. So we had dinner with them. He (the son) is completely brazilian and his wife is as well but because his dad was american and super well off they have a strong taste for american products and have visited florida a couple of times as well as a ton of places in Europe. So yes they had in their house 2 cans of rootbeer. And i got to drink one. We had what is called churrasco or brazilian barbque but for desert we had cake and brownies and pancakes, with.....yes real maple syrup :) I could just close my eyes and it was all american. Yesterday was super tough ;) And they gave a some maple syrup :) so i can throw away that syrup I made last week by hand that made me a little sick............I didnt have maple so I improvised with vanilla. But It was super amazing meal yesterday and so much fun. I really enjoy their family, they are tons of fun.

ANyways other than that we worked a ton, and then some more, and then worked even more. We get home every night and are super tired. After We make the calls at night I just went to bed. I'm just super tired. It might be because of doing this work for so long and the fact that we are walking and teaching so much and working so hard but its a tired that I havent felt ever. I'm also getting anxious but I know that i still have a ton of time. One of my friends in the mission called me on thursday because they had the leadership meeting so he was with our zone leaders and they let him use the phone. Anyways he WAS part of my group and would be leaving with me on the same day but he called to let me know that he extended his mission, or that he is trying to. So he wont be going home until the last week of august, and literally he will have one day at home before he has to run to byu and do all the stuff i was a little sad that he wont be leaving with me butI know that he will do a ton of good work for one more transfer here in the mission.

We didnt have any baptisms this week, the one we had fell. Maybe this week. However we were introduced to a member who hadn't been to church since he was a teenager and met his wife and kids, who aren't members AND they went to church yesterday :) so yes we are going to work a ton with them. They are a super cool family and we have a really big love for them already. The only problem is that they live a bit far from us so we have been using a member to visit them. Without the member it takes forever to wait for th charter bus, go there, and then wait for the bus to come back. But we are really excited about them. We are trying to work even harder and be even better. But all is well here and we are having a ton of hard work to do and pushing through it all. 

I cant believe that brook will be 17! She is getting so old. I'm sendin her card today so maybe it will get there by sunday.........maybe. I sent emmy's card about 2 weeks back. And I'll try and send courtney's next week but I need her address.....Thanks for the pictures and sorry I cant send any. If I had never forgotten the camera chord when I left this would have been so much easier and cheaper. But oh well. 

Love you all and miss you tons,
Elder Simonsen
ps. i got grandma simonsen's cards and a card from Grandma Staker

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