Brexton has been sent off to Vitoria, Brazil for his LDS mission.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday March 30th, 2015

wow sounds like a crazy fun week. Sounds like a super spiritual experience as well. Mission Presidents are usally super spiritual. But yeah i was wondering what that picture was, I couldnt figure it out. But I was even more puzzeled by the pizza box because I didnt recognize the brand. Until I zoomed so much has changed. Time is flying and so much will change even more. So This week much didnt happen. We spent a lot of time working with less actives and the people who went to church last week. The only problem is that of the 9 who went last week....haha not a single one went yesterday. BUt it's all good the Lord has a plan and we have a couple FAMILIES that we are working with now :) but conference will be tough....the bus will be only sunday and we have to stay the whole Guarapari. So I'm praying that we can get investigators who will go or who at least are willing to go in their own car. But the Lord will provide a way.

So yeah this week was a super fun week, so after asking you to find out about the classes at byu I went to the site logged in and found out that I could already register.....on that day......and I still didnt know what I was going to major in....and that in reality I couldnt register even for electives because I didnt have an ecclisiatical about a panic attack. Like almost literally. It was a huge fear that came over me. So I went and did the endorsement online and tehy sent an email to president and I thought I had to wait, for a personal interview. but I had a huge tender mercy, the next day (tuesday) we had traveled to another city to eat lunch and we were sitting there waiting for the bus and these things were occupying my mind and guess who calls.....President. He recieved the email and interviewed me and it was all good. I just had to figure out what I was going to study and I talked to him a little about staying longer and about majors and stuff like that. It was a really good talk and, like I said if I stayed longer I would have to stay until the end of the transfer in august. But anyways I resolved all of the problems this week, with much prayer and fasting and today (hopefully) I will register for classes and in the next couple weeks maybe figure out where I'm going to live. Maybe, I hoping a lot.and Praying. But I also need to start saving a lot of money, as for the package dont send it. If you already did, oh well but if not just save it for when I get home. If i have to pay to get it, I dont have any brazilian money becuase I used all of my extra money this week...........but I should be getting it back shortly, hopefuly. But all is well and the Lord is helping in everything. We just have to be patient and wait for the right time and he will help. But I'm fine, all is well. I'm happy that you all are doing good and I think sister Regina put more pictures on facebook. I'm not sure....she took a lot yesterday.......actually just 2. I managed to save all of my pictures from my camera on a pendrive last week because my companion has a camera chord :) so maybe I wont loose them all. But I wont write a long letter this week but I'm fine. Working hard. Having fun and I'm becoming super tired. We are walking a lot.

Love You!

Elder Simonsen

ps I finished 1st Nephi today, I restarted the book of mormon and I'm still reading Jesus the Christ. everyonce in a while I pick it up and read a littel. I'm in chapter26 I think.

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